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Auto Switch Automatic Dust Control Switch

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 مفتاح تشغيل اتوماتيكي من هاوي عدد لتوصيل المكنسة مع الاجهزة الاخرى 

The Auto Switch Box enables the automatic and remote switching of a vacuum.
It is intended to be used with a power tool such as a router, planer, saw, grinder or sander and an associated vacuum.
Optimise your dust collection and appreciate increased convenience - the Auto Switch Box controls your vacuum as required.
Power to your vacuum and power tool is routed through the Auto Switch Box. The clever electronics sense your power tool status and control your vacuum.
With this easy-to-use vacuum switch you'll be amazed at how much cleaner power tool work can be. Never forget to turn your vacuum on again!
Dust and debris is collected more efficiently, airborne dust is minimised and clean-up is much easier.



  • Supports a wide range of cutting tools from rotary handheld devices to large shop saws
  • Runs the vacuum only while you're using your tool to reduce noise and save electricity
  • Accessory Outlets can be controlled automatically by the power tool or manually by the Mode switch
  • Automatically delays vacuum turn-off by 7 seconds to continue to clear the hose of remaining debris
  • Durable closed case design keeps out dust and debris
  • Helps to comply with OSHA requirements for dust control

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