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by blum
84.00 SR


Thanks to its slim construction, AVENTOS HK-XS provides enormous scope for the design of tall units and wall cabinets. Even cabinets with little depth are now possible. The solution has a symmetrical lift mechanism. For small and light fronts, use a single lift mechanism on one side of the cabinet. For larger and heavier fronts, attach a lift mechanism to both sides.

Cabinet dimensions

For cabinet heights of 240 to 600 mm. Cabinet widths depend on the power factor. Suitable for internal depths of at least 100 mm.

This Set contains:-

1x AVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism from Blum - 20K1501
1x AVENTOS HK-XS Lift System Door Mounting Plates (front fixing bracket) - 20K4101
1x AVENTOS HK-XS Cabinet Mounting Plates, Screw-On for Frameless Cabinets - 20K5101
2x Blum CLIP Top Wing Mounting Plate - 173L6100
2x CLIP top BLUMOTION 107 degree - 75B1550


Assembly instructions for AVENTOS HK-XS