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BOSCH Cordless Hot Glue Gun GluePen قلم صمغ بطاريه

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Bosch GluePen Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The GluePen from Bosch is the ideal tool for household, hobby and DIY thanks to its practical pen shape and cordless operation. Simply insert a glue stick, switch on the tool, heat up the glue, and after only 15 seconds you can start gluing. You can use this hot glue pen to glue virtually all materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, leather and cork. Wood, metal, plastic and even stone can also be cleanly and precisely fixed with the GluePen.

Key product features

  • Quick and handy glue pen – doesn’t clog, doesn’t dry out
  • Instant adhesion after a few seconds
  • Ready to glue after only 15 seconds of heat-up time

Other product advantages

  • One battery charge is enough for 6 glue sticks (30 minutes)
  • Sits comfortably in your hand thanks to ergonomic pen shape
  • Charging with Bosch micro USB charger
  • Clean working thanks to automatic glue retraction
  • Gap-filling glue application even on uneven surfaces
  • The Bosch glue is virtually indefinitely storable
  • Energy-saving due to Auto-Off – automatic shutdown after 10 minutes

Application range

Hot gluing
Standard of comparison: Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Technical key data

Battery voltage 3,6 V
Machine weight 0,142 kg


Quick Dry
Quick Dry
Cordless use
Cordless use
Quick Start
Quick Start
Easy Charging
Easy Charging

Comes complete with

  • Micro USB Charger
  • 4 glue sticks UltraPower

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