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BOSCH GLM 80 + RS60 Laser Range Finders

1,304.10 SR
SKU 601072371



The Bosch GLM 80 + R 60 Laser Measure with 24 In. Digital Level Attachment unite to produce an unrivaled combination laser rangefinder and digital inclinometer. This tool can calculate the incline of drainpipes, soffits and rails, and is designed for professionals such as roofers, contactors, plumbers and electricians to boost productivity. Once the laser is locked in, it enters digital-level mode for accurate angle measurements. On its own, the laser measure provides 1/16 In. accuracy at distances up to 265 Ft. It can calculate indirect length measurement for obstructed objects, evaluate the shortest and longest distances from a fixed point, and determine the total area of numerous separate surfaces with a shared length or height. It automatically stores the last 20 measurements in memory. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Bosch GLM 80 has a bright, easily read rotating display.

GLM 80+R60 Laser Measure with 24 In. Digital Level Attachment




  • Bosch GLM 80 and R 60 combine for unparalleled laser rangefinder and digital inclinometer
  • 2-axis 90° tilt sensor and 360° incline sensor for precise calculations
  • Precision Laser Technology with a 265 Ft. range
  • Indirect length measurements for obstructed distances are calculated
  • Computes measurements such as area or volume easily
  • Automatically stores last 20 measurements
  • Integrated Lithium-Ion battery with 25,000 measurements per charge
  • Tilt-screen technology and built-in intelligent light sensor
  • Minimum/maximum and multi-surface area modes