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IRWIN Record T1208 Heavy Duty G Clamp 200mm (8 inch)

67.50 SR


IRWIN Record T1208 Heavy Duty G Clamp 200mm (8 inch)

  • IRWIN Record Heavy-Duty 120 Series G Clamps are the strongest Record clamps; recommended particularly for metal working and fabrication work where a very high clamping force is demanded.
  • They have a drop-forged steel frame for strength and durability with a swivel shoe which helps clamping on uneven surfaces.
  • The twin-start ACME cold rolled thread for faster operation and the fused steel handle will bend before the clamp can be over stressed.
  • A popular general purpose clamp for heavy-duty applications; for use in wood and metal working and other trades .
  • Size: 203 mm (8 in).
  • Throat depth: 89 mm (3 1/2 in).