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Starter Set2 x GBA 18V 4.0Ah + AL 1860 CV Professional

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Technical data
Additional data
Battery 1 capacity* 4Ah
Battery voltage* 18V
Weight (battery)* 610g
Cell type Li-Ion
Battery charging voltage 14.4 – 18V
Charge current 6A
Charg. time at bat. cap. 4.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx. 30/45min
Weight (charger) 660g

* Highlighted Data


2 x 18 volt batteries with 4.0 Ah capacity and multi-volt quick charger


  • The 4.0 Ah battery is ready for use in 30 minutes
  • COOLPACK technology for up to 100% longer lifetime (cf. battery without COOLPACK)
  • Compatible with all Bosch Li-ion products in the same voltage class thanks to the Professional 18V System


No self-discharge, no memory effect and a higher energy density thanks to Li-Ion battery technology
Optimal protection of the cells against excessive heat due to special, heat conductive housing
Voltage 18 Volt
Battery charge level indicator shows the level of remaining battery charge
Faster charging thanks to active air cooling
Woodworking The professional power tools for woodworking from Bosch.
Construction The professional power tools for construction from Bosch.
Metalworking The professional power tools for metalworking from Bosch.
What’s Included in this Package
with 2 x 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery
with 2 x 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery
Order number: 1 600 A00 1B7
  • 2 x 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery
  • AL 1860 CV quick charger