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TANDEM BLUMOTION Single extension, 30 kg, 50 Cm

by blum
73.00 SR

Zinc plated TANDEM BLUMOTION Single extension, 30 kg, NL=500 mm, with locking device, left/right.

TANDEM Runner System from blum

Huge flexibility with lots of extras

A particular advantage of TANDEM is the broad product range. The concealed runner system can take a maximum load of 30 kg and is available as a single extension. This one comes in nominal lengths of 500 mm. This makes the runner system perfect for the widest variety of applications, from a flat and deep pull-out for clothing in the bedroom or an odds and ends drawer in the hall, to a narrow yet deep pull-out for personal care products in the bathroom.


TANDEM cabinet profile with locking device feature

TANDEM's locking device makes drawer insertion and removal child's play. What's more, the locking device serves as a lift-off stop.


This set Contains:-

1x TANDEM BLUMOTION Single extension, 30 kg, NL=500 mm, for locking device, left/right - 550H5000B

1x TANDEM locking device, left+right - T51.1700.04

Installation instructions