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Pegas Swiss Made Skip Reverse Sawblades 5" Pack of 12 # 7 شفرات سكرول سو (منشار خطاط) سويسريه 12 حبه مقاس 7 للخشب

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SKU 90.430 / 90.430B
Manufactured at Grobet's factory, Scies Miniatures, in Vallorbe, Switzerland. These blades have the same basic tooth geometry as skip blades except that a limited number of reverse teeth have been added to the bottom of the blade. Reverse teeth prevent splinters from developing on the underside of the work piece because the top teeth do not cut entirely through the work. All operating parameters are the same as other blades. .018" thick, .045" width, plain end, 12/9r teeth per inch. To receive your free copy of details on which blades work best for certain products, email us for a copy of Pegas1.