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129 Piece Jig Hardware Kits

199.00 SR
SKU 20210291

Always have a selection of jig and fixture parts available for that next jig project. This kit has a nice variety of 1/4-20 materials.



            • 6X25mm T-bolt x 20pcs

            • 6X50mm T-bolt x 20pcs

            • 6X75mm T-bolt x 10pcs

            • 5-star knob M6-thru x4pcs

            • 5-star knob M6X25mm x4pcs

            • 4-star knob M6-thru x6pcs

            • 4 star knob M6X25mm x6pcs

            • M6 T-knob-thru x6pcs

            • M6 round knob-thru x10pcs

            • M6 Threaded insents x16pcs

            • M6 T-nuts x26pcs

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