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Bosch 6mm x 100mm SDS-Plus-5X Hammer Drill Bit for Concrete & Masonry

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SDS-PLUS 5X ريشة حفر الجدران الاسمنتية

ريشة حفر للمطارق الدوارة

يتميز مثقاب الحفر هذا برأس رباعي الشفرات يعبر عبر العوائق و يقلل احتمالية الكسر ، للحصول على أفضل النتائج
أربعة لوالب تعمل على تسريع إزالة الغبار لحفر أسرع وتقليل التآكل
دليل توسيط الحفر لعمل فعال وأقطار فتحات دقيقة


الأبعاد (مم)

طول قطاع العمل (مم)

Bosch 6mm x 100mm SDS-Plus-5X Hammer Drill Bit for Concrete & Masonry

  • Drill SDS plus-5X  is designed for drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and brick masonry
  • This impact drill provides incredibly easy drilling of concrete and confidently copes with drilling in reinforced concrete
  • The SDS plus-5X concrete drill has a tip with a "turning angle" and a four-channel design that perfectly removes dust, which allows for fast drilling with reduced wear.
  • Patented carbide plate fit design combined with large and wide dust escape channels for ultra-fast drilling dust removal
  • Specially designed four-edge tip prevents borer jamming and breakage for optimal results
  • To drill holes of exactly the required diameter, the centering tip clearly guides the drill bit, preventing its diversion, which can adversely affect the diameter of the hole
  • The drill for the SDS plus-5X punch drill is marked as passing the test of the PGM Concrete Drilling Association Commission, which guarantees compliance with strict tolerances, drilling accuracy and reliability of fastener installation
  • The drill is suitable for all rotary hammers with SDS-plus holder
  • Drill SDS plus-5X 2608833778 - highly efficient drilling of reinforced concrete for fast and accurate results!



Characteristics of the drill SDS plus-5X 
  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Processed material: concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry
  • Total length: 160 mm
  • Working length: 100 mm
  • Standard: SDS plus-5X
  • Mount Type: SDS-plus
  • Packing: plastic packaging with suspension
  • Package weight: 0.050 kg
  • Package size: 260х27х9 mm

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