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BOSCH Metal drill bit HSS DIN 338 PointTeQ 9mm (10 pcs)

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ريش ثقب حلزونية من بوش

تُمكّن رؤوس الثقب الملتوية من الثقب السريع في المعادن بفضل تصميم الطرف بتقنية متقدمة

طرف للتمركز الذاتي يحول دون الانحراف ويجعل من بدء الثقب السريع و السهل أمرًا ممكنًا
تؤدي نسب الحفر المتزايدة إلى تقليل الحرارة و مستوى التآكل
ساق أسطوانية متوافقة مع قابض رأس المثقاب ثلاثي الفك

التفاصيل الفنية

عدد الريش في العبوة 10 ريش
قطر الريشة      9 مم
طول الريشة 125 مم
طول قطاع العمل 81 مم



Metal drill bit (10 pcs) HSS DIN 338 PointTeQ 9mm

  • The HSS PointTeQ  drill is designed for drilling holes in metal. It is perfect for drilling through and installation holes in alloy and non-alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, cast steel, cast iron and plastic
  • The drill has a cylindrical shank
  • This metal drill allows you to drill metal very quickly thanks to a special PointTeQ tip
  • The PointTeQ tip remains sharp for a long time and provides constant strength
  • High drilling speed reduces heat generation and wear
  • Self-centering tip does not require winding, allowing you to start drilling quickly and easily
  • Black oxide groove coating ensures quick chip removal during drilling
  • HSS PointTeQ spiral drill is manufactured according to DIN 338
  • Low probability of fracture due to the high plasticity of the drill body
  • A set of drills consists of 10 identical drills, which are enough for large amounts of work
  • The HSS PointTeQ drill bit - fast, accurate, efficient!



Characteristics of the HSS PointTeQ drill set 
  • Diameter: 9 mm
  • Material: HSS
  • Workable material: steel, black metal, alloy steel, unalloyed steel, grey cast iron
  • Total length: 125 mm
  • Working length: 81mm
  • Series: HSS PointTeQ
  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Mount Type: Cylindrical Shank
  • Sharpening angle: 135 deg
  • Packing: plastic container with suspension
  • Package weight: 0.450 kg
  • Package size: 153х40х28 mm

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