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Bosch Metal drill bit HSS PointTeQ 7,0 mm (10 pcs)

54.00 SR
SKU 2 608 577 238


HSS Twist Drill Bit PointTeQ enables fast drilling in metal due to PointTeQ tip design 7,0 mm (10 pcs)

  • Self-centering tip prevents wandering, making quick and easy drilling starts possible
  • Increased drilling rate generates less heat and wear
  • Cylindrical shank compatible with three-jaw drill chucks.


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Bosch Power tools and accessories in Nigeria.

The HSS pointTeQ 7.0 is suitable for drilling holes in metals .

Has a carbon steel twist drill for precision drilling

Has a spiral groove that is oxide coated for reduced friction and heat and chip removal

Suitable on cast iron, steel,and ferrous metal and alloys


Diameter(mm): 7.0

Working length(mm): 69

Total length(mm):109