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Bosch Metal Twist Drill HSS PointTeQ DIN 338, 11 x 94 x 142 mm

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Bosch HSS PointTeQ metal drill, pr. 11.1x94/142mm

The HSS PointTeQ spiral drill enables fast drilling in metal thanks to the PointTeQ tip design. A quick and simple start of drilling is enabled by a self-centering tip that prevents deflection. The higher drilling speed generates less heat and less wear. The PointTeQ tip remains sharp and ensures long-term durability. The drill bit is suitable for use on bolt and guide holes in alloyed and non-alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, cast steel and plastic. It is equipped with a cylindrical shank (the diameter of the shank coincides with the diameter of the drill) and is suitable for use in stand and hand drills.

It has a low risk of breakage, especially in drills with a diameter of less than 6 mm, since the tip has a highly elastic body. The groove with a black oxide coating allows quick removal of chips. The HSS spiral drill PointTeQ is manufactured according to DIN 338. The drill is of type N (groove angle) with a tip of 135 degrees.


  • HSS PointTeQ spiral drill enables fast drilling in metal thanks to PointTeQ tip design
  • Self-centering tip prevents deflection, allowing quick and easy drilling to begin
  • Higher drilling speed generates less heat and causes less wear
  • The PointTeQ tip stays sharp and ensures long-term durability

Technical data:

  • Product range: PRO accessories
  • Diameter: 11.1 mm
  • Working length: 94 mm
  • Overall length: 142 mm
  • Drill with cylindrical shank made of carbon steel suitable for drilling in cast iron, grey cast iron, steel, ductile iron, non-ferrous metals, hardened plastics, etc.
  • Peak angle 135 degrees
  • DIN 338

Scope of delivery:

  • Number of pieces: 5 pcs