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Crown Hand Tools 4-Piece Mini Cabinet Scraper Set 376M

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This unique set of 4 Miniature Cabinet Scrapers from Crown Hand Tools is outstanding for smoothing smaller projects and very fine detail work. Each scraper is precisely edge milled and ready for you to roll the final burr before use. Made from 0.3mm thick hardened and tempered carbon steel. Work best on hardwoods. Made in England. 4-Piece Mini Scraper Set: Includes a 1-3/4-Inch x 31/32-Inch Rectangular Scraper w/Beading End (3mm & 4mm diameter beads); a 1-3/4-Inch x 1-3/16-Inch Oval Scraper; 1-15/16-Inch x 1-3/16-Inch (at widest end) Curved Scraper; and a 1-7/8-Inch x 1-1/8-Inch Gooseneck Scraper.

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