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Crown Tools Brass Miniature 3" Scraper Plane

230.00 SR

Made in Sheffield, England

  • High quality high carbon steel blade
  • Made of brass & rosewood
  • 3" long plane
  • 1/2" wide cutter
  • Brass knob

 A quality miniature scraper plane made by Crown Tools in Sheffield, England. Precision made from Rosewood & brass with an adjustable high carbon steel blade, these 3" (76 mm) long planes are as functional as they are attractive! Great for model making & very fine detail work.

   As a family owned company, Crown Hand Tools & their loyal staff have been proudly manufacturing traditional woodworking hand tools for over fifty years. Handmade to the finest quality, Crown has found the perfect equilibrium between tradition & innovation, making their tools beautiful as well as functional. Their Master Craftsmen hand forge, temper & grind tools as our ancestors did, whilst also using modern processes & materials, such as Cryogenics & Powder Metallurgy. This combination of old & new techniques gives customers the best quality hand tools available.