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Heavy Roller Flexible Conveyor حجز مسبق

1,500.00 SR
Heavy Roller Flexible Conveyor
Main Features
A larger, more flexible work support system
Heavily built to industrial standards
Serves a number of functions
Maximum length of 1295mm
Set of nine 470mm wide rollers mounted on lazy tong side brackets
Four independently adjustable legs with lockable castors
Flexibility in side supports
Units can be linked together to produce any length of conveyor
Height and slope can be adjusted between 610mm and 950mm

01)  Diamter of roller (mm):50X500
02)  Operation height max /min(mm):670-940
03)  Operation lenght max /min(mm):450-1300
04)  N.w/g.w.(kgs):36/38
05)  Max. holding weight(kgs):130
06)  Measurement(cm):61.5x58.5x36