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KNIPEX Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers

141.00 SR
SKU 2622200

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  • Elastic tips: dimensionally stable even when twisted
  • Distortion-tolerant, elastic precision tips
  • Half-round, long, tapered jaws
  • With cutting edges (hardness approx. 61 HRC) for soft, medium-hard and hard wire
  • Vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened
  No. 26 22 200
  EAN 4003773023135
  Head polished
  Handles with multi-component grips
  Pliers black atramentized
  Style 2
Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter) Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter) 3,2 Ø mm
Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter) Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter) 2,2 Ø mm
  L3 73,0 mm
  T1 9,5 mm
  W3 18 mm
  W4 3,0 mm
  T2 2,5 mm
  L4 23,0 mm
Dimensions angle Dimensions angle 40 °
Length Length 200 mm
Net weight Net weight 197 g