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Pègas Scrollsaw Blade Chuck Heads

Pègas developed these lightweight blade holders to boost the performance of premium scroll saws. They are heads are manufactured from aircraft aluminum so they are 40% lighter than standard heads. The lower weight and compact size reduce vibrations and extend the life of your scroll saw.

Which One Fits My Saw?

Pegas Blade Chuck Heads Standard Version includes the upper head with tension lever, lower head & mounting hardware. It fits these scrollsaws:

    • Pègas Models SCP16, SCP21 & SCP30
    • Excalibur Models EX16, EX21 & EX30
    • Axminster Trade Series EX-16, EX-21 & EX-30
    • Carbatec Models CTEX-16CEC, SS-400C, CTEX-21CEC, SS-530C, CTEX-30CEC & SS-760C
    • Excelsior 16", 21" & 30"
    • Seyco ST-21
    • Jet JWSS-22
Please Note: 
    The Mfg. reports that some Jet JWSS-22 saws can have blade clearance issues which may dictate the table must be shifted on its mounts to get clearance and/or the blade opening in the tabled must be filed larger for adequate blade clearance.

Pegas Blade Chuck Heads Delta & DeWalt Version includes the upper and lower heads & mounting hardware. It fits these scrollsaws:

  • DeWalt DW 788 20" Scrollsaw
  • Delta 40-694 20" Scrollsaw
  • DOES NOT FIT Any other size or model of Delta scrollsaw.

Pegas Blade Chuck Head Jet Version includes ONLY the lower head & mounting hardware. Use this version if you would like to upgrade the lower head of your Jet saw, but keep the stock upper head. (If you want to change both heads, use the standard version.

  • Jet JWSS-22 22" Scrollsaw

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