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Professional Moveable 220V-240V Wood Dust Collector

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70L Movable Dust Collector


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Clean workplace, clean air, clean results – anyone who planers, mills or saws in their workshop will appreciate a good extraction system. Rapid extraction of all chips is a must in woodworking in order to always have an optimal view of one's work, to extend the machine runtime, to minimize the contamination of the workshop and, above all, to reduce the health risks caused by chips and dust in the air.

An extraction system such as our DC-F, which serves as a chip vacuum cleaner and for dust extraction at the same time, is a kind of large vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for woodworking.  With a volume flow of 1150 m3/h and a vacuum of 1600 Pa, the DC-F reliably extracts even large wood chips and sawdust that are produced when working with thickness planers, table milling machines and circular table saws.
Anyone working wood machinery without a dust extractor is not only creating a great deal of mess but is also damaging his health. The DC-F is the solution to both these problems providing sufficient air
flow to deal with all dust problems. Ideal for the smaller workshop.

• Powerful 550 W induction motor with 2850 min-1 supplies the DC-F extraction system with sufficient power to keep the hobby workshop free of chips and saw dust.
• The 2.3 m long suction hose has a diameter of 100 mm and can be easily connected to smaller suction jet connections using the supplied adapter set.
• Via the robust hose, the extracted material enters a PE chip bag with a maximum filling capacity of 75 liters. Above this is the filter bag, which frees the sucked-in air from the dust and releases it back into the room. Dust sucked in remains in the filter.
• The longer the hose, the lower the suction power. Therefore, the DC-F is equipped with a driving device to be able to position it comfortably where it is needed.
• Included adapter set for various applications

Dimensions L x W x H: 860 x 520 x 1610 mm
Suction connector: Ø 100 mm
Hose length: 2.3 m
Air capacity: 1150 m3/h
Partial vacuum: 1600 Pa
Filling capacity: 75 L
Motor 220 – 240 V~ Input: 550 W

Logistical Data
Weight net / gross:20 / 23 kg
Packaging dimensions:900 x 540 x 380 mm

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