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SUIZAN Japanese Saw 10-1/2 inch Kataba (Single Edge) Pull Saw for Woodworking

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  • Japanese Saw – “Pull Saw” for both of soft wood and hard wood, like tiger maple, red oak, teak, MDF, OSB, and even driftwoods.
  • With the longest blade in our lineup, it contributes to powerfulness and easy handleability.
  • Teeth Per Inch: 14 TPI / Blade Thickness: 0.024 inch / Kerf Width: 0.03 inch / Blade length: 10-1/2 inch / Overall Length: 23-1/2 inch
  • The saw blade is easily removable and interchangeable.

This is a Kataba Saw
A remarkable point of this Kataba (Single Edge) Saw is its 10-1/2 inch longest blade.
When you use a saw, the longer the blade is, the easier your work is.
In addition, you can exchange the blade in a moment without any tools. You will be relieved from any stress.

What is “SUIZAN”?
SUIZAN, a Japanese brand, creates Japanese hand tools of highest quality.
With more than 100 years of history, all of the processes are completed in a Japanese city in Niigata prefecture called Sanjō, which is known for its craftsmanship.
That’s why our products are highly appreciated by many woodworkers.

One of the Japanese Tools
There are a couple of differences between Western tools and Japanese tools.
In many cases, Japanese tools are lighter and simpler than Western ones because Japanese tools are minimally designed and there is no unnecessary waste.
Nowadays, Japanese tools become popular in woodcrafting around the world due to its high quality.

Do you know about a “Pull Saw”?
This product is a pull saw.
Japanese saws cut materials via pulling and thus are called “pull saws.”
It requires less power, realizes exceedingly smooth and accurate cut, and as a result, the cutting-section is clean.
And particularly, this saw’s blade is sharper and thinner (0.02 inch), and has a greater number of teeth per inch (9 & 15 TPI) than saws of similar size.
If you have some difficulty using Western saws, just get to use a Japanese saw.
You will never go back to use a conventional saw!

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