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Table Saw,منشار طاولة SST1800

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منشار طاولة ستانليTable saw STANLEY SST1800, 1800 W, 4800 rpm, disc 255x30 mm, max cutting depth 76 mm, table dimensions 640х530 mm

  • Designed for transverse, oblique, oblique sawing of wood across and along the fibers at different angles, as well as combined sawing of wood using a stop installed with the necessary oblique angle and an inclined saw blade
  • Powerful motor combined with overload protection system ensures high performance when working on hard, wet or frozen wood
  • The combination of a toothed guide, a parallel stop with a clear scale makes this machine extremely accurate and easy to use tool
  • With a compact saw design, the telescopic guide provides a cutting width of up to 640 mm, which provides considerable freedom of action when working with workpieces of large sizes.
  • Disc angle lock up to 45° has a large scale of precise
  • When transported, large, heavy-duty wheels easily overcome steps, curbs, and bumps on the construction site
  • Integrated support racks allow you to organize the workplace anywhere in the construction site

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