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Tormek T-8 sharpning system جهاز سن تورماك لجميع انواع الشفرات و العدد اليدويه

by Tormek
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PA-70 Honing Compound

PA-70 Honing Compound

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Dimensions: Width 270 mm (10 5/8"), Depth 270 mm (10 5/8"), Height 330 mm (13")
Weight: Shipping weight 18.2 kg (40.1 lbs), Machine only 14.8 kg (32.1 lbs)
Grindstone: Tormek Original Grindstone, Aluminium oxide, ∅250×50 mm (10"×2") 90 rpm, torque 14.7 Nm
Leather Honing Wheel: ∅ 220×31 mm (8 5/8"×1¼")
Main Shaft: Stainless steel main shaft, stone hardware and EzyLock.
Housing: Zinc cast top and frame. Sides in ABS plastic. 
Motor: Industrial single phase, 200 W (input) 230 V, 60 Hz Continuous duty, Maintenance free. Silent running, 54 dB. 25,000 hour life
Warranty: 7 years*

* Including professional use.

Certificates-T 8

  Made In Sweden

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