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Why Tormek?

Since 1973, Tormek has been dedicated to developing the best sharpening solutions for different types of edge tools. Providing innovative and user-friendly products of the highest quality is, and has remained, fundamental to us. Regardless if you are a professional craftsman, cook or do-it-yourselfer, a Tormek helps you to keep your tools sharp, which in turn increases the quality of your work.

The common denominator amongst our users is commitment to their work, combined with the understanding that sharp tools are the key to their desired result. Many new Tormek users are surprised to see the difference they get in their results when using an edge sharpened and honed on a Tormek. Others appreciate the amount of time they save to get their desired sharpness, thanks to the motor doing the job, which is also gentle on the wrists and shoulders.

We currently offer three different machine models, all of them carefully designed and adapted to their respective audience and type of use. Common to all our machines is that they are equipped with a powerful industrial motor and, in every aspect, built based on our demands for high quality and functionality.

The Tormek way of sharpening is both gentle and highly effective in keeping the edge to an optimal shape. Also, our ambition is to make user-friendly machines from which you get a result that inspires and increases confidence. Imagine being able to sharpen an edge whenever needed. How would that benefit your work?