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SK Burner with BPH Pen

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Razertip SK, 10AMP burner with one BPH (interchangeable tip) pen and one 16 gauge heavy duty cord.


Do not let the SK's small size fool you. It is packed with the same power and circuitry as the SS-D10, so it is great as a starter unit or as a second burner for the serious artist. So what is the difference from the SS-D10? The SK will accept only one handpiece at a time, making it necessary to unplug and plug in handpieces when changing over, and it doesn't have the extra-low-end temperature adjustment. Other than that, it is essentially the same unit as the SS-D10. The SK accepts all Razertip pens and accessories; with available adapter cords will accept most any make of pen, too.


10 amp output provides the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry

ideal wide-range temperature control: won’t scorch wood at "1" through to "red-hot" at 10

super-flexible adapter cords (in standard or heavy-duty) will accept most any brand of pen

indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm proper pen and cord operation

ultra-stable control circuitry for consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again

removeable and reversible handpiece cords allow use of extra-flex or heavy-duty cords

laser-welding technology



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