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Bosch HSS Twist Drill Bit PointTeQ20 mm

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SKU 2 608 577 315

Bosch Metal Twist Drill 20 mm

  • Saves time: The HSS Twist Drill Bit PointTeQ with reduced shank enables you to drill through metal quickly thanks to the special design of the drill bit tip
  • High durability: The increased speed of the drill bit means less heat is built up, reducing wear
  • Precision work: The self centering PointTeq tip design prevents slipping and allows an easy and efficient start
  • Reduced shank: To use drill bits with larger diameters in machines with a small drill chuck, you can use the PointTeQ HSS twist drill bit with reduced shank ( : 10 mm)
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all bench drills and rotary combi drills for making holes and centre holes through alloyed and mild steel, non ferrous metals, cast steel, cast iron and plastic